Early 19C Ornate Middle Eastern Bronze Bin

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Early 19C Ornate Middle Eastern Bronze Bin

PRESENTING a really Unusual Early 19C (or quite possibly even previously) Ornate Middle Jap Bronze Bin.

We are of the feeling that this significant bin/bucket/planter or h2o pail is from the really close of the 18th Century or early 19th Century, circa 1800-20.

The patina, pure oxidization, layout and style, are consistent with this impression.

The bin is designed of a brass, copper and zinc mixture to make a bronze influence.

It has been hand chased and engraved all more than, with repousse do the job depicting floral and vine motif’s and various animals together with deer and camels.

It also depicts different human-esque depictions of guys and deities.

It is very ‘Islamic’ or ‘Moorish’ in model and we are of the belief that it most very likely from the Center East, particularly Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Persia.

We are of the belief that it is ‘Egyptian’ since one of the ‘deity’ depictions is of the Egyptian God ‘Anubis’ (50 percent man/fifty percent Jackal).

At 1 time it had a tackle, as is evidenced by 2 holes less than the rim.

A Quite Uncommon & Outdated Center Jap Merchandise!

Early 19C Ornate Middle Japanese Bronze Bin

Provenance: From a Personal Dallas Assortment.

Problem: Pretty very good for it’s age, with wonderful patina.

Proportions: 17.5 inches Tall, Foundation Diameter of 18.25 inches, with Rim Diameter of 16.25 inches

SALE Cost NOW: $2,200