19C Louis XVI Style Cabinet in the Manner of Grohe Freres

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19C Louis XVI Style Cabinet in the Manner of Grohe Freres

PRESENTING a Lovely late 19th Century French Louis XVI Type Cupboard in the Method of Grohe Freres.

From circa 1880.

Unquestionably Incredible Ormolu mounts. The detail to the casting of the mounts are spectacular.

The aspect mounts have a neo-classical women head with bagpipes, horns, flutes and so on.

The Front door has a superb marquetry panel depicting floral bouquets as do the two side panels.

Green marble prime.

The inside is fitted with 2 glass shelves.

The High quality of this piece is simply Stunning!

It is most absolutely in the manner of &#8216Grohe Freres&#8217, but we are not able to find a mark.

It is built of walnut, burl walnut, burl yewood, ebony, kingwood and harewood.

The Grohe Freres have been two brothers energetic in Paris between 1827 and 1884. Viewed as amongst the greatest cabinetmakers of their time, they turned the formal suppliers of Louis-Philippe, Napoleon III and Victoria I of Good Britain, amid other important European courts.

The brothers specialised in home furniture that was inspired by historic models, with this piece modelled on the neo-classical model of Jean-Henri Riesener, the court ebeniste of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette.

William and Jean Michael Grohe labored as cabinetmakers in Paris concerning 1827-1884, and turned renowned for the large high quality of their home furniture &#8211 in the end turning out to be suppliers to royal properties across Europe, such as the courts of Queen Victoria and Napoleon III.

Illustrations of their work can be found in the Louvre and Fontainbleau in France and Windsor Castle in Britain.

A Francois Linke-built Louis XV bureau plat (creating table) dating to the early 20th century created $68,750 at the sale. Produced from gilt bronze with satine cube parquetry and mounted kingwood, it is surmounted by a burgundy leather-based crafting area.

Linke (1855-1946) was the most highly regarded cupboard maker of his time, and was greatly commissioned to furnish the homes of the mega prosperous &#8211 which include Simon Patino, the Bolivian tin magnate, and US mine owner Raphael de Lamar.

19C Louis XVI Type Cabinet in the Way of Grohe Freres

Provenance: From a Non-public Dallas Selection.


Very excellent ailment. One or two minor repairs. Repair to front right base and left trim. 

Door is tight and sticks.

Proportions: 50.25 inches Tall,  46.75 inches Wide and 22.75 inches Deep

Price tag: $18,000 &#8211 SALE Value NOW: $7,200