11C Shiva Tripurantaka Red Sandstone Relief

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11C Shiva Tripurantaka Red Sandstone Relief

PRESENTING AN Extraordinary, Scarce AND Significant 11C Shiva Tripurantaka Purple Sandstone Aid.

It features a depiction of Tripurantaka (Tripurantaka Murti) as a manifestation of Lord Shiva.

This aid was carved from red sandstone, most probable in Central India, circa 900-1000 Advert (the 10th or 11th Century).

It sits on a picket plinth.

We strongly believe that, that this piece was bought at possibly Sotheby&#8217s or Christies in NY, some time between 1999 and 2004.

It has missing it&#8217s Auction Good deal label(s), BUT, it was part of a much larger Collection (a quantity of which we have now in our Selection and are outlined in this group, most, with full Provenance).

Sad to say, the two Christies and Sotheby&#8217s, do not keep on-line catalogs or auction results prior to 2006, BUT, we are certain that if you had entry to people catalogs for their 2 times annually &#8216Southeast Asian Art & Antiquities&#8217 auctions, then you would find it!

The high quality of the carving on this piece is Simply just Remarkable and it is a very remarkable size being, 80 cm (31.5 inches) Tall, 48 cm (19 inches) Huge and 22 cm (8.7 inches) Deep &#8230 on it&#8217s plinth!

Heavy piece weighing circa 100/120 lbs.

This would have carried a quite significant auction estimate.

THIS IS, AN &#8216Fantastic&#8217, INDIAN ANTIQUITY!

Tripurantaka (Tripurantaka Murti) is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. In this element, Shiva with four arms wielding a bow and arrow with his lower pair of hands and an axe and a deer with his upper pair of arms. In this aspect Shiva is credited with the destruction of three demon infested metropolitan areas. Consequently the title Tripurantaka or the destroyer of three cities. Metaphysically, Tripura has been considered by numerous students to necessarily mean the three varieties of bodies of person viz. Sthula sharira—the external embodiment, Sukshma sharira—the mental corpus, and Karana sharira—the consciousness or the soul. The Tripurantaka aspect of the Shiva destroys and extinguishes the tri-partite division of the remaining and merges all a few necessary components of man into the supreme consciousness. Tripurantaka destroys the veil of Maya, ajnan (ignorance), and unites the particular person soul with the supreme consciousness. The idol of Tripurantaka is enshrined at Tiruvatikai close to Chidambaram. The Veeratteswarar temple listed here is one particular of the 8 Veerata stalas, celebrating Shiva as the destroyer of evil forces. Tripurantaka is also enshrined at Tiruvirkolam (Koovum) around Chennai.

Tripurantaka (Shiva killing demon Tripura) is a Samhara Murti, Brahma as a charioteer, Vishnu as bow, Vasuki as the string and sunshine & moon as the two wheels of the chariot.

The Iconographic description of Tripurantak (Shiva killing demon Tripurantak)
1. Jatta Mukuta (matted hair).
2. Karnakundal (earrings)
3. Galahara (necklace)
4. Sarpa (snake)
5. Trisula (Trident)
6. Dhala (defend)
7. Prasa (spear)
8. Khatabhanga (skull bar)
9 Khadga (Sword)
10.Puspamala (Garland)
11. Mriga (Deer)
12. Bhudevi (Earth goddess)
13. Dwarapala (attendant)
14 Standing on Alidha gesture
15 Airavat (elephant)
16 Simha (lion)

3 demons are Vidiyunmali, Tarakaksha, Kamalaksha. They done serious Tapasya, delighted with which, Śrī Brahma Deva granted them boon. They wanted three castles which can be ruined by a sing arrow.

11C Shiva Tripurantaka Purple Sandstone Relief

Provenance: See previously mentioned. From a Dallas Personal Selection.

Condition: Really excellent authentic situation.

Proportions: 80 cm (31.5 inches) Tall, 48 cm (19 inches) Huge and 22 cm (8.7 inches) Deep &#8230 on it&#8217s plinth

SALE Price tag NOW: $38,500